Hustle Free

Get a clear overview of everything on your plate and never lose track of an important task. Streamline your daily activities and never lose track of important tasks. With QwikiNotes, you wont miss any important update.

Prioritize The Task

Easily organize and prioritize your tasks so you’ll always know exactly what to work on next. With your day planned out, you don’t waste energy realigning your goals and know exactly what to work on next. QwikiNotes helps you conserve energy by eliminating unnecessary time spent on figuring out your next task.

Manage Work

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Divide and conquer your daily tasks by sharing them with others whom you can trust with the tasks. Making notes of specific tasks allows you to visualize how your team can function better together. With the help of QwikiNotes, no talent goes wasted.

Smooth Integration

QwikiNotes voice assistance feature allows you to organize your day while attending to other tasks at hand. You can also connect your QwikiNotes with other messenger tools like Watsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc...


Get notified about incomplete tasks and upcoming tasks with our mobile apps. QwikiNotes notifies you of any incomplete and upcoming tasks so that you don’t have any backlog.


Cross platform awesomeness. Your data seamlessly syncs across all of your devices and is accessible even when you're offline. Seamlessly access and navigate across platforms and devices as QwikiNotes easily syncs your data from wherever it may be stored, online or offline.

Scheduling / TimeTabling

Schedule your appointments and manage them on your fingertips. Also send messages with the app to clients about scheduled meetings.

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Cross platform awesomeness. Your data seamlessly syncs

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