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Providing innovative app solution to make customer life easy to grow.

Your schedule is always full in today's hectic environment. If you don't have work-related duties to worry about, there are countless personal tasks vying for your attention. Along with the online course, you still have emails to write and a crucial call to schedule. It's simple to become stressed out. Wouldn't it be simpler if you had a helpful assistant who could assist you to stay on track all day? Good news is that there is Qwiki Notes for it.

To become productive and organized in both your personal and business life, this app offers powerful capabilities. By establishing a task and defining its due dates, users can set reminders and notifications. You will receive web and mobile app notifications as well as reminders when a deadline is approaching or if a task is past due.

Why we are different from others!

Small errors can have serious repercussions.
With Qwiki Notes, you'll never forget anything again.


Easy to Use

You can swiftly gather information using Qwiki Notes, organize it simply, and find it whenever you need it.


Google Calendar

Utilize Google Calendar along with Qwiki Notes to organize schedule and ensure that tasks are finished on time.


Sync With device

All of your tasks, note, reminders, and schedules can be saved online and synced across all of your devices.


24-7 Support

Please contact our support team by phone or email if you have any questions or issues with your account.

Meet our experts


Lisa Dreyer


"We can only develop something new by offering diverse experiences, knowledge, and abilities, which will give us the creative diversity of experiences, viewpoints, knowledge, and abilities that are necessary for an inventive culture," says Lisa.

She founded Qwiki Notes with the sole intention of offering clients useful yet inexpensive solutions while also generating employment possibilities. She envisioned a workplace in which employees could realize and demonstrate their full potential in order to improve their capabilities in meeting customer needs. According to her, this would foster creativity and flexibility.


Thomas Phares


"Mankind has always been characterized by its propensity for change. It has significantly advanced in recent years. That is why adaptability and the ability to learn are important skills,” says Thomas.

Thomas’s responsibility is to grasp what customers want and translate that knowledge into concepts and solutions to improve output efficiency. He assembles groups of like-minded individuals who will support one another in achieving their goals. Together, people have the power to produce miracles. Thomas had a dream for this app when he first started it—a dream of making it distinctive rather than large—and he was confident it would come true with the right team and sincere efforts.


Mike Axelrod


"Every change, even the best one, poses a threat to our ability to remain steady. Despite the fact that new is better, we frequently prefer what we already know. We usually see what we are losing but not what we are gaining," says Mike.

Mike has a distinct vision for the future. To provide his consumers with the highest quality services and the greatest products, he wants to be the best, the only, and the first choice in the industry. He tries to maintain adherence to the basics when executing professional activities while keeping up with new learning experiences every day and technological improvements.


Mukul Tripathi

Business Head

"Always be prepared to take chances and look for opportunities. This could entail accepting a new project at work, expressing an opinion about a fresh idea you have, or simply embracing an opportunity as it arises," says Mukul.

Mukul is responsible for assisting businesses with enhancing their brand recognition and financial growth. He is a qualified individual who is in charge of the company’s expansion. In order to create ideas that benefit both parties, he collaborates with teams, negotiates the conditions of contracts, and effectively engages stakeholders. He is an ambitious and motivated business development head who assists in growing clients. He represents business in public and possesses the commitment necessary to develop and implement a successful business plan.


Yashika Kashyap

Marketing Head

Yashika develops marketing ecosystems out of her enthusiasm for business and marketing, giving companies a credible brand, an online presence, and revenue. Working as a marketing head, she has been in charge of everything from strategy to sales funnels, email and social media marketing, and other development projects. As a marketing team leader, she sets the direction of strategy, keeps an eye on performance, and ensures that the main goals are carried out in order to achieve targets.

Her main attention is always on her clients, and she makes sure that the team acts in a way that fosters relationships with customers that are fruitful and enduring. She attributes her success to her own strong morals, which include always keeping her word, performing honorably, and working fervently to provide the greatest outcomes for the customers.


Ankur Rajora

Back-end Developer

Ankur has over 7 years of experience creating, developing, and leading projects as a software developer. He has experience in PHP, Core PHP, and many other languages. He is currently also working on the creation of full-stack, scalable apps and has worked on teams of various sizes.

His business acumen and capacity for clear interaction with customers and stakeholders, in addition to his extensive back-end development skill set, set him apart from the competition. He has worked for established companies as well as start-ups in different fields. His experience spans a variety of industries and technologies, and he is capable of working across the whole project cycle, from programming requirements to deployment, testing, and management.


Shashank Dwivedi

Front-end Developer

Shashank is an expert in technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress and has 4 years of experience working as a front-end developer. He has worked as a developer for a number of businesses, including large communities and small startups, and has developed a thorough understanding of every stage of the web lifecycle.

Shashank’s ability to anticipate difficulties, think critically, and provide answers while maintaining the utmost professionalism and discretion has grown over the years. He is in charge of creating brand-new user-facing features, selecting the layout and structure of web pages, creating reusable code, accelerating page load speeds, and working with a range of languages to build the sites.


Poonam Chauhan

Graphic Designer
Poonam has been designing clients' websites in a fantastic way for many years now. She is responsible for creating and designing websites' user interfaces and aesthetics for clients and businesses. Her primary responsibilities include conceptualizing and implementing creative concepts for clients’ websites as well as producing graphic components that are consistent with the branding.

She collects her customer’s requirements and then collaborates with the teams to guarantee the solution matches the customer's objectives. To create, build, and upgrade beautiful designs, she combines her artistic and technical skills. She is able to design websites and apps that comply with design guidelines and standards and are simple to read, browse, and operate.


Kritika Shekhawat

Content Strategist

Kritika is a highly driven and goal-oriented writer and strategist with 4 years of extensive experience in the content writing industry. She has experience managing projects with excellence and is a capable and reliable problem solver. She creates strategic content for professional service providers to increase their brand awareness, prospect interest, and sales cycles. She always writes with the reader in mind, emphasizing value, performance, and business impact as the things that matter most to readers.

She conducts extensive research to understand each client profile in-depth and does a comprehensive study and evaluation of consumer trends. Kritika spends most of her free time reading, traveling, or fulfilling her passion for football by watching Real Madrid games when she isn't writing in her preferred coffee shop.

In memorial of Alan Stasson


I want to leave Alan with a legacy that will inspire others, have a positive impact, and help others succeed. The goal of creating this app was to help people balance their personal and professional lives. I want to support people in their professional development and leave something for my family to inherit. I want people to compliment it and mention how great the app is.